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Our Vision is to guide individuals, startups and investors to thrive in the aesthetic field with knowledgeable insights and innovative strategies. Driven by expertise, integrity, passion and commitment we provide precise solutions that nurture growth, expansion, and shape the success of all businesses under our guidance.

Our Team’s collective mastery in aesthetics, business dynamics, and scientific insights equips us to offer a 360-degree perspective. We seamlessly integrate these diverse strands of knowledge to deliver solutions that transcend expectations. Whether you're seeking to enhance your aesthetic offerings, optimize business strategies, or infuse cutting-edge scientific advancements, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Meet Our Team

Ivana Lorenzo

“My passion is to empower Beauty Professionals with the resources and tools necessary to perform their skills with excellence and create a successful Medical Aesthetic business."

Recurso 7

Sami Majdalani

“As a Financial Specialist and Business expert, I enjoy helping my clients unlock their potential, turning their passions into profitable endeavors"

Our Principles

Guided by trust, these values are in the core of our relationship with our clients. Your success, our commitment!