ICG’s goal is to uplift our clients, become better leaders and create more effective leadership teams than they have now.

We use our strong expertise, provide deep active listening and create awareness by asking
curious and powerful questions. But most importantly, we coach our clients to notice
self-perceived limits and become aware of different perspectives, so that they can break through
their own hurdles and achieve things they didn’t know they could achieve.

We hold our customers liable throughout the coaching process.
The steps we go through with our clients are:

This style of coaching encourages the client to find their own solutions through structured
and insightful questioning which is referred to as the “Integrative Approach.”


ICG’s approach is by using different assessments for understanding the goals of the mentees.

ICG mentors possess good knowledge and experience to be shared with customers mentee who is having less knowledge and expertise to help them out in the development of his/her career, improving their
self-esteem, and enhancing productivity.