Enrollment and Admissions

Our Institute is dedicated to improving the standards of our profession through superior education. Classes are held Monday through Saturday and are conducted twelve months of each year.


At the Medical Training Institute (MTI) we offer and specialize in training on a wide range of Certificate courses in:

Aesthetic Medicine including

. Botox & Fillers

. Hair Restoration

. Plasma PRP

. Mesotherapy

. Vitamin Drip Therapy

. Advanced Skin Treatments

. Laser Therapies

. Chemical Peels

. Microdermabrasion

. Training on Aesthetic Technologies

. Cosmetic Tattooing

. Scalp Micropigmentation

 Our courses are taught by trained professionals in the medical field from Physicians, Nurses, Medical Aestheticians as well Experienced Business Owners with over 20+ years of experience in their field of expertise. 

Our Courses are taught at our State-Of-Art Center of Excellence World Class facility with emerging technology, a comprehensive curriculum, and a faculty and staff committed to providing the best possible network for learning, interaction, and the advancement of client care. Our commitment to our students is of our top priority when it comes to delivering

 the best education, training, and advanced technologies in each specialty of courses we offer.

Our Courses range in length anywhere from12 weeks to as little as 1-to-2-day courses or up to a week depending on the type of certification. The total number of days includes theoretical in class knowledge, hands-on practical lab & clinic time. Clinic hours per week may vary from program to program. Upon completion of the courses, students will receive a Certification of Completion, additional support, and guidance upon completing their courses to help guide them in the right career path for them.

Class Scheduling

All courses and schedules are scheduled in advance and limited seating is available. Specific courses are available on a minimum class start and should be reserved 2 weeks in advance. The MTI program offerings are consistent with its stated purpose, to provide career focused education that inspires and empowers our diverse student body to succeed in employment with confident, professional skills in the exciting, growing field of Esthetic Medicine.

Curriculum & Course Outlines All programs offered by MTI follow similar procedures in that the same instructional methods apply, and the same grading procedures are followed for each course. Those policies are stated here and considered to be an integral part of each of the program outlines contained in this section. Our curriculum was specifically developed and designed by Medical Professionals and National Educators with numerous years’ experience in their specialty. We also ensure

that our curriculum is reviewed and finalized by our platform of Physicians. Our in-depth knowledge and scientific knowledge provide students with a base foundation to be ready to enter the field of Medical Esthetics whether working in Dermatology Clinics, Medi-Spas or Owning your own business!

All Courses Include
the following Outlines:

  • In-Class Theory
  • Hands-On Practical Training
  • Plasma PRP
  • Theoretical Written Exam
  • Practical Exa

Admissions Requirements

All Medical Professional Training Courses are exclusive and available only to
Physicians, RN’s, NP’s & RPN’s and International Physicians.

All other non-vocational Certificate Courses require the following: 

  • Some previous Medical Esthetics background (applicable only for some courses)
  • 12 Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent High School Graduate  
  • Mature Student Status: be at least 18 years of age (Ontario) or 19 (Out of Province)
  • English Proficiency must be demonstrated through an English comprehension test 
  • Valid Government Issued Photo ID
  • Successful Completion of Entrance Evaluation
  •  Admissions Interview


Upon Completion of Courses

We will assist you in obtaining employment upon completion of your course!

As professionals in the esthetic field, we are aware of the challenges that are out there for students
to obtain employment or even gaining the confidence to start the job interview process. Our priority is not just
educating our students on a wide range of topics, but to assist them in their career path to become
successful professionals with the confidence and skill set needed to become the best they can be! 

The training process is
divided in 2 parts:

Part 1:

 We will organize for our trainee to visit a specialized Medi-SPA to observe and take part in needed treatment with an experienced Aesthetician or nurse (preceptorship).

Part 2:

The consulting Educator (Medical Esthetician pr Nurse) offers on-site training to all trainees within their own facilities (proctorship), to be observed and supervised while performing the treatment. Our process has shown the safe and effectiveness of training through preceptorship/proctorship with a specialized consulting trainer by lowering adverse events and complication rates as well as the necessary confidence needed to perform the services. 

 What We Assist our students with:

  • Building a Professional Resume & Cover Letter 
  • Interviewing Skills & Professionalism Workshop 
  • Access to Industry Suppliers 
  • Certification on Esthetic Technologies & Skin Treatments to become more knowledgeable and confident in their field of work
  • Updates on the newest treatments in the industry 
  • Job Searching 
  • Ongoing support and advice 

Why Choose Us

  • Experienced Educators who are experts in their field. Our Courses are taught by Physicians, Nurses, Medical Estheticians, and experienced Business Owners 
  • State of the art training facility 
  • Quality Education with a scientific edge and strong focus on hands-on clinical training 
  • Access to the newest and advanced technologies in the field 
  • Additional Certifications from well-known Aesthetic & Laser Technology companies 
  • Ongoing student support