Our consultant experts will help increase efficiency, improve customer experience, and drive revenue growth by leveraging the strengths of both teams to create a unified and effective approach.

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  1. Increase efficiency: By streamlining communication and processes between the marketing and sales teams, your business can save time and reduce confusion.
  2. Improve lead quality: By having a clear understanding of what the sales team considers to be a high-quality lead, the marketing team can focus on generating leads that are more likely to convert.
  3. Increase revenue: When the marketing and sales teams are working together effectively, businesses can generate more leads, close more deals, and ultimately increase revenue.
  4. Enhance customer experience: Aligning marketing and sales efforts can help to provide a consistent and positive customer experience throughout the entire sales process.
  5. Drive long-term growth: By continually refining and improving the marketing and sales alignment strategy, companies can drive long-term growth and success.


ICG’s approach is by using different assessments for understanding the goals of the mentees.

ICG mentors possess good knowledge and experience to be shared with customers mentee who is having less knowledge and expertise to help them out in the development of his/her career, improving their
self-esteem, and enhancing productivity.