Our Training Centre


We provide a professional continuous education curriculum for beginners looking to enter the exciting field of Medical Esthetics and Beauty as well as Business Owners looking to upgrade their skills and knowledge in the field of Esthetics.
We not only offer a wide range of educational courses but have also created added values for our clients, by providing them with the distinction of promoting safe and effective practice, knowledge and resources to push their skills to the highest level. This is accomplished through formal education and training programs, by completing an apprenticeship under the supervision and guidance of experienced physicians, nurses and medical aestheticians.  With this purpose, we founded a world-class training center:
Medical Training Institute (MTI).

In MTI, we are deeply committed to keeping physicians, nurses, medical estheticians and health professionals at the forefront of aesthetic medicine and dermatology fields. We prepare our training courses meticulously to keep them ahead of new techniques, protocols, and trends so they can meet and exceed their patients’ needs and expectations.

MTI’s mission is to encourage professional development and promote healthy, glowing skin through non-surgical and non-invasive measures that require candidates to develop their expertise over time. excellence in clinical practice. Therefore, our esthetic training programs include scientific and clinical teaching, as well as a strong focus on a practical component. 
With the collaboration of the finest medical aesthetic experts across the provinces MTI offers the best skin science content, skin assessment and treatment quality, by conducting training, education, webinars and lectures on behalf of MTI. 


We believed that, as Albert Einstein once said, “Having fun is the best way to learn” and so we also include a set of interactive off-site activities in our programs. These activities and events create a warm environment that helps to build bridges and bonds between esthetic professionals.

Who Is The Training Centre For?

  • The Training Centre is also available as a meeting place to medical practitioners and organizers of continuing education events for holding lectures, live demonstrations, hands-on practical training and training sessions using innovative and most advanced technology.

  • The doors of our Training Centre are also open to non-medical events, offering visitors the convenience of a modern event location.

  • In addition to bringing together the activities of subsidiaries as well as affiliated companies MTI will serve as an event venue for holding high-caliber medical education events.

If you are a Business Owner and wish to utilize our Conference Room
or Clinical Lab for your next conference or training session,

 please contact us to reserve a room.